You diagnoses

Where is this doctor? I have A1 in my kidneys and heart. I also had two other optionns one at the mayo clinic and Stanford. I strongly suggest a major facility that sees this disease every day. Good luck stay positive

Hi Kay, I was diagnosed in Dec 12, 2014 at Stanford. They put me in the Amyloid Center there at Stanford hospital. The staff there is very good in my opinion. They so far have connected me with a cardiologist and oncologist, both very top notch. I have never felt like I have been overwhelmed by their visits. Any questions my wife or I have asked have been answered and have been truthful. We also have been assigned a nurse navigator who will not only manage all of my visits, but is available to contact most of the time, if not she promptly answers back. It might be worth checking out. BTW I did get an email from Terry in SLO regarding getting in touch with you. I have your number and will contact you soon.