My mom

My mother is ok but im afraid that maybe she is not. I’m terrified of what’s to come,
I wish For a way to comfort her. She can not taste anything
Or walk right now. and it is so heartbreaking. Crying
for her when
I’m alone.

Ray ,I hate to tell you our story, but perhaps it will help you with what is happening with your Mom.

My Mom was diagnosed with Amyloidosis 20 years ago. At that time, there was no treatment available. I believe that my Mom was very sick for quite some time and just didn't want her children to know, as well as her doctor. I believe she was very scared. She fianlly told her doctor how sick and how she felt. Her doctor sent her for a biopsy of her liver. The diagnose was Amyloidosis in her liver. She was diagnosed in May, but she still never told us. We found out when she had a bloody nose and we made her go to the hospital to be checked out. It was at the hospital on July 14th that her doctor told us that she had Amyloidosis. We were told to just take her home. Our Mom passed away 4 months later, on November 2.

Thankfully, they have treatment now which could help your Mom. Is she on any treatment now?

Ray, I totally know how you are feeling. I can't tell you how many times I cryed, knowing that she had Amyloidosis and how sick my Mom felt!

All we can do is stay strong and be there for her! If you need me, I'm here for you 24/7!

Thanks so much for sharing Ray and for your response Louisa. I found this exchange very touching.

Partnership,teamwork and positive thinking.

I'm here to support you, Ray. Stay Strong and Stay Positive!

your the best louisa!

Louisa Marion's Daugher said:

I'm here to support you, Ray. Stay Strong and Stay Positive!

My mom ends her 90 day oral chemo on Tuesday. She is feeling very sick and so tired, but she
Knows that this is what needs to be done and is
Handling it with such amazing grace!
In ten days she enters the hospital for a stem cell transplant
and will remain in the hospital in quarantine
For 30 days. Wishing Love, strength and happiness for us all.

Ray, Your wife will be my thoughts and prayers! Stay Strong and Stay Positive!

sounds like an incredibly strong woman.

Ray, I hope your mother is doing well. This is a tough journey and hard to watch. I am happy to say that the struggles of stem cell transplant and chemo rounds has bought our family many more good days to spend with my dad. We also get some tough days too. I hope you have more quality days with your mom to share.