Good news! And hope to ALL!

My mother left the hospital today!!
She had her stem cell transplant,She had a few set backs, but
The Doctors say that her Amyloids are all in “check”. And that they accomplished
What they hoped to. She has a few side effects from it all, but they have been monitoring them. The Timing was perfect, it was starting to take a toll on my dad, I could see his youthful adventurous spirit holding on with all its might at times. They have spent most of the past 18 months in the hospital, so it will take some time adapting. My moms father, my grandfather, passed away from a heart attack a few days after mothers transplant. My mother (and father) were unable to attend the funeral, but, we are all strong and we are all moving forward! The prognosis is a mystery for now, but she is home, and there is love,hope, and inspiration! Wishing everyone well!!R

My moms Amyloidosis is in her muscles, with traces in her stomach.
Very interested to learn of where the Amyloidosis was found and detected in the members/friends/family/ of this group. Best wishes!

That is great news, Ray. My prayer is that she continues to get better! Stay Strong and Stay Positive!

That is such great news.

I am so new to all of this. My husband was just diagnosed when they found protein
in his urine and did a kidney biopsy. That is where they found the Amyloidosis.That is his only symptom.

He had lymphoma of the stomach 20 years ago, when he was 40. We went to Sloan. The tumor was removed and no other therapy was needed. Now he is scheduled to see the Dr. who is the expert on this at Sloan. The appointment is in about 2 weeks. The waiting is brutal. The unknown is terrifying.

Thank you for sharing your story. It is just so wonderful about your mom doing great.

She is surrounded by such love and that will keep her healthy.

I am so sorry fo the loss of your grandfather.

Huge congrats Ray!

Hi Ray, i was so very pleased to see that your mum is now out of hospital and that her Amyloids are in check, I sincerely hope that all goes well, i will be praying for her and of course you and your dad, i send you my sincere and very best wishes.