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have many medical articles pertaining to all different types of amyloidosis. If you have an interest in learning more about a specific type of amyloidosis please let me know what the involved organ is and I will send you some articles.

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Ga_peach, what is the latest information about amyloidosis and diet? If you have any great dietary articles, could you post them in a discussion?

With Amyloidosis the organs effected will dictate what type of diet the patient needs to be on. Many are told to decrease their salt intake, while those that have problems with low blood pressure are sometimes told to eat more salt. So the best thing for the patient to do is talk it over with their doctor and/or ask to speak with a nutritionist at their local hospital. Potassium levels can be problematic and some must watch those levels. For those patients that have problems with early satiety and can't eat much, caloric intake needs to be upped for those individuals. This can be done with drinks such as Ensure or Boost. Patients with kidney involvement need to watch their protein intake because too much can overload the kidneys. A well balanced diet is about the best thing that an amyloid patient can do for themselves and even when they aren't hungry, they must be made to eat something or they will lose too much weight and muscle mass.

As for posting articles, I have to be careful about that due to copyright laws. I prefer to email them to the patient.

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I would be very interested My son has heart involvement mainly Thank you so much