2 bone biopsies in less than 3 months

Doctor wanted to run test to check if my amyloidosis is monoclonal or polyclonal from my first biopsy in March but the result was undetermined due to some unknown reason (more likely lab’s mistake due to long wait). Now he wants to send me for another biopsy less than 3 months apart. What are your opinions on that? Is that the only way to test for this? I had plasmacytoma in sacrum and they found amyloid deposit during first biopsy which started the whole ball rolling. I know it’s a must but still hard to stomach another bone drilling pain especially now they’ll do the anterior one.

There are a few times that I have opted to not have invasive testing done, and it was all for the same reason. If the results of the test would not change my treatment, then I have typically opted out of the invasive testing.

That said, if the specific diagnosis is necessary for you to be able to access specific medications and/or treatments, it is something to consider. I’m sorry you’re facing this right now.

Sharon from ModSupport

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Thank you, Sharon. I’ll update you when this is over.

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They can determine the presence of monoclonal or polyclonal proteins in your blood or urine by doing a serum and/or urine protein electrophoresis along with immunofixation. You should not need another BMB.

Immunofixation electrophoresis or immunosubtraction capillary electrophoresis identifies the type of immunoglobulin protein(s) present as monoclonal bands on a protein electrophoresis pattern . Typically, this testing determines the presence and type of monoclonal proteins (e.g., IgG kappa).

This is because I had plasmacytoma in sacrum. so they’re checking bone marrow for plasma cells for Multiple Myeloma. They also found Amyloid deposit in the bone marrow last time but plasma cells was low. He wanted to check if it is monoclonal or polyclonal . It is rather confusing for me at this point. I guess the point is They’re trying to check type of MM.