New to group, confused and have questions

I have been going through some health problems in the last few months. I was admitted for my symptoms about a month ago.I have had numbness and weakness, tiredness bone pain, ect. The one thing that has come back odd were the bence-jones proteins in my urine (not a 24hr u/a) My blood did not show these proteins. My doc consulted my hematologist who wanted it rechecked in a month. My levels a month ago were:
Free kappa light chains at 22.8mg/L
Free Lambda Light chains at 1.0mg/L
Kappa/Lambda Ratio 22.80mg/L
When the Doc rechecked it this week 1month later the results were:
Free kappa light chains at 29.7mg/L
Free Lambda light Chains at 1.7mg/L
Kappa/Lambda Ratio 17.47 mg/L.
No one has told me what this means, just that it looked better and they would recheck in 6 months. I have asked for a 2nd opinion on my symptoms due to the docs not knowing what to do here and trying to tell me that stress is causing the symptoms. I was not overly stressed at the time.

My question is this how high do the proteins need to be before they are concerned there is something going on? Research pointed me here saying that healthy urine does not have bence jones proteins and that it takes alot of build up before your urine secretes this. Should I be concerned and want more tests to see if I have amyloidosis, mm or something like this going on? To me the results don't look better but I am new to all this. I know you guys aren't doctors but your experience in this might help me know where to turn or if I am over-reacting.

Thank you

Welcome, KDKmom! I am sorry that you are going through the uncertainty and strongly believe that you need to get to a doctor who specializes in the treatment of multiple myeloma and amyloidosis. I have amyloidosis but my labs were/are different from yours. My free lambda light chains were over 41 when I was diagnosed with primary amyloidosis in May of 2012. I had 20 treatments of velcade and a stem cell transplant on 12/12/12. I am doing well but my light chains are elevating a little each month, again. I am being watch very closely by a specialist in Pittsburgh who uses the protocols from the Mayo Clinic. It may end up not being any problem but if I were you, I would want to make certain nothing is missed and that means seeing someone who really understands this--many physicians simply don't understand amyloidosis at all. For your peace of mind and long term health, insist on seeing someone who understands this well.