"Thanks for support.My bone marrow biopsy show remission.But skin biopsy show amaloid deposit? why its happened? what treatment I want next?"

Dont worry about the skin biopsy. Amyloid in the soft tissues will always test positive. Your bone marrow biopsy is the test to you need to follow. If it shows remission then you should see improvement in your symptoms. Are your free light chains within normal ranges as well? Troponin and NTproBNP levels should be lower too.


Hi Girish, I am in same position. I was in remission after having the first round of chemo but even after the stem cell transplant still have the amaloid on my skin. Dr said it was the hardest place hit and it could take a year before it goes away but it may also stay. My eyes took much of the hit but I am hopeful because I am only 4 months post stem cell transplant.

I have A1 amyloid with kidney and left ventricle my skin is also involved, mine. Is part amyloid deposits & part Prurigo nod. It’s setting my nervous system on fire. I have had this since I was diagnosed. I have had one year of chemo every week and six months every other week. I’m in remission at the present.what I have found their is no road map going into this disease and no rode map after. For me it really head after chemo it’s taken a lot out of my body. luck to you all kay

Hi lorny here just back from london adter getting my scan i have amaloidosison my kidneys liver ans spleen still dont know what kind yet they think its lightchain will find out soon they said o am in early stages ao thats all good waiting for appointment in the next three weeks to start chemotherapy with injections in stomach ao i am praying it works as we all do they will be trying to stop bonemarrow producing proteins xxx

Good luck sounds as if your in good hand wish it was sooner than three week before you get started.keep us updated kay