Start Stem Cell Collection

Finally been approved by the insurance to proceed with the SCT. My wife Carey has been admitted to UofL Hospital today to start the SC collection. Her heart and kidneys are damaged by the Amyloid, so the doctors are taking it slow possibly 10 days for collection. She will come back on October 13 (day before her 40th birthday) to start the SCT. Since our last post the 16wk chemo went well, but her kidneys did not improve so she had to start home Hemo-Dialysis 4 times a week. So next week she will not be looking forward to do 5-6 hours of SC collection and 3 hours of dialysis in the hospital. On the up side we do get to spend October 6 in Florida for our 20 wedding anniversary.

Matt, give Carey our love! She will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Thank goodness your insurance approved the SCT....Keep fighting!

Have a wonderful 20th wedding anniversary in Florida!

Dialysis. That is rough, Matt. I hope her kidneys will improve. Sending you both positive energy and good wishes. I hope you have a lovely wedding anniversary in Florida!

Good luck, Matt! I hope all goes well and that she improves quickly! Happy Anniversary to you both!

Sending you both healing vibes and wishing you much luck and a very Happy Birthday to your wife and Happy Anniversary to both of you! You will be in our thoughts.

Hi Matt,
I send you hope and love and encouragement. My mother had started her Stem Cell Transplant 2 years ago on Sept 21 for Amyloidosis. It took months of hard work and recovery but I am happy to say she is doing well. The Transplant stopped the amyloidosis from spreading and saved her life.
On behalf of my mother, myself and my family, we send you and your wife hope, strength and healing love!