Phase 1 trial coming in 2013 to test monoclonal antibody for AL and AA Amyloidosis

There are currently no approved drugs that directly target amyloid. NEOD001 is a novel monoclonal antibody developed to specifically target Amyloid. The drug has not yet been tested in humans, but non-clinical data support the start of clinical trials for both AL and AA amyloidosis.
Since NEOD001 targets amyloid, and not the light chain, it is not likely to result in hematologic improvement, but if effective, may result in improvement or stabilization of organ
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This Phase 1 trial is now actively recruiting participants:

They are looking for 50 AL amyloidosis patients. The trial will be conducted at Stanford and Mayo.

Here are some additional trials for AL amyloidosis that are currently recruiting:

Patients with relapsed AL amyloidosis should have access to a trial in most parts of the US.