Page Layout

Hello everyone. =) I am here for Ben's Friends, just as a friend here. Some people have come to me about helping with the colors of some of the page layouts and this was a page that there were some complaints about, color wise.
I am going to be altering the colors to make things a little easier on the eyes but I would like some input form the members. If you like the current color them, I can work with the green here and just alter things to be softer.

What do you all think of that? I want to make sure that it is comfortable for everyone before I make changes.

-Michaela Oteri

Also if you can recommend another page who's layout you feel could use a little work, let me know and i will see if I can help there too.

Hello Michaela...I would like a more peaceful color for the Amyloidosis Network. Personally, I would like the color to be aquamarine as that color makes me feel peaceful. However, whatever our other members want, I think the color should be very peaceful. Thank you, Louisa

I agree that it should be more peaceful. Aquamarine is a great color choice and I can work with that. =)

Actually Michaela, when we started this Group, I asked for Aquamarine. Ben and I started this Network because my Mom had Amyloidosis and her birth stone was Aquamarine. Thanks!

How does this look? Apparently Ben's Friends will be upgrading from the NING 2 to the NING 3 format in the upcoming months so I'll be having to redo the CSS then so I wont try to go overboard but how is this for the design for now? A little nicer on the eyes?

Michaela, I opened the Network and their is no color now. Can you check it out? Thanks!

:/ Hm. I went through all the noticeable page links to double check that everything went through alright. What is the network? Could you send me a link to the area you are talking about?'s there now...We're all set.....Thank you so much!

Oh good! Haha. It must have been a glitch. I was worried for a moment there.

It looks beautiful, Michaela...Fantastic job! I have no idea how to do what you do! Again, thank you so much!

You're very welcome! If there are any other Ben's Friends pages that you feel could use a make over, let me know!