What happened?

What has happened? This website used to be frequented with queries by amyloidosis patients. It looks like no on is visiting this site now. This is a shame.

Hi, SheSurvives. We are in the middle of a major software upgrade. The first priority is to move all the content over. That part is complete. The next priority is to do a redesign to make the site more user-friendly and encourage more discussion. We (BensFriends.org) are a tiny nonprofit, built for-patients, by-patients. It may take a couple more months, but we’ll get it all fixed up and good as new. Thanks for your message.

Good to know. Discussion between patients is such a great tool when battling a disease. Thanks

You’re right, SS, and that is the core function of BF. Our old platform, unfortunately, was no longer reliable or being supported. We had no choice but to move the community data to another format and another host. Before long, we hope to have something that will be as welcoming and intuitive as the old site was. Thanks for hanging in there!
We’re glad that you figured out how to ask your question!