Post Something Positive Here Each Day

Please tell us at least one POSITIVE that happened to you this day. It can be any wonderful action or event, an inspiring thought that came across your mind, an exciting emotion, or a nice sight, smell or taste or feelings. ONLY POSITIVE, NO NEGATIVE.

Nothing is too trivial, feel free to add more positive as things happen.

I took some time out on Christmas to reflect on how lucky I am to have my friends and family, and to have a lot of friends on the support network. Made me feel good. :)

I went to dinner with my two best friends and their wives and my girlfriend last night. We've been friends for 15+ years and it was so good to get together and laugh.

Today in Tampa it was sunny, warm, and breezy, and you have to watch your step to give the lizards time to skitter away before you tread on them. All in all, a beautiful day.

it was beautiful in San Francisco too. :)