Maybe unpuzzled

Tomorrow, I might find the answer to my health puzzle. I'll test my tears for Sjorgen's syndrome. I am glad to see that Ben's friends has a group. It has been a bizarre road but I am glad to say I have more ups than downs these days.

Last year I had severe orthostatic dizzy spells that got better with a whole lot of water and cutting my beloved caffeine. I guess coffee by day and wine by night to cope with a sleepless baby 5 years ago wasn't the best choice. Lately, I am prone to injury. I have been told not to play tennis for a month. I told my physical therapist that it hurts my soul but I will do it! I do my best coping when I exercise. On Thanksgiving, I decided to run my dad and I's bike route and see how far I could make it while the turkey was in the oven. I made it half way and I felt a little closer to dad...celebrated his memory. My right leg was a mess the next day, I hope to diversify and not injure myself so much.

Thanks to sweet friends on here who supported me while I tested for Amyloid and cared for my dad. I pray that everyone enjoys their good days! Maybe I will understand and have a name for my weird autoimmune issues tomorrow and maybe I will just chalk it up to not getting any younger.

Tracy, I'm sorry your doc suspects autoimmune disease. Testing for sjogren's is a fairly complicated business. You may wish to join the sjogren's community just to ask about testing, and one of the moderators there can explain the diagnosis to you. Are you replacing the tennis with some gentler form of exercise, I hope, like swimming?

Hi all lorny here well at last i have my appointment in to go to the royal free hospital in london 400miles away from here i go pn the 20th jan so tests start then treatmant there after they are flying me down with my husband its the start f a long journy its a good hospital i will let yous know how i get on getting some kind of scan xxx

Thanks for the update, lorny.. I hope all goes well at the hospital!