Beautiful Twin Boys

Dear Amyloidosis Friends,

My daughter Adria has a beautiful 2 1/2 year old daughter (Charlotte) and last week had two beautiful twin boys (Alex and Liam). The twins are still in the NICU, however, both are doing very well and will be home soon.

This story is about Marion Church. My Mom had 6 girls and then finally had a boy. My dad passed away when my little brother was 6 years old, therefore, my Mom raised all 7 children. Mom went back to school and became a nurse to raise and educate her children.

When Adria was 8 years old, Mom, Adria and I lived together. While I was working, Mom and Adria did everything together. Mom watched her get on the school bus and then was at the window when Adria came home.

My Mother was the most amazing, peaceful, helpful person I've ever know. After her retirement, she was a volunteer for many things, including Meals on Wheels. The joy of my daughter's day was going with Gram to help her deliving Meals on Wheels.

When I look at the amazing Mother my daughter now has become, I see my Mom, her Grandmother, Marion Church.

When Adria was 13 years old, my Mom was diagnosed with Amyloidosis. At that time, 20 years ago, there wasn't a treatment and Mom passed away 4 months after being diagnosed. However, Adria and I both know that the amazing Marion Church is with us ever single day.

We love you and thank you every single day!

Hugs and Kisses from: Louisa, Adria, Charlotte, Alex and Liam!

What a wonderful story Thank you so much for sharing Congratulations on those beautiful twins that will soon be home from the hospital

Wow, that is so wonderful!

What wonderful news to be able to share! I pray that the boys will be home soon so they can meet their big sister. And thank you for sharing the story about your mother. You have some great memories to pass down to your grandchildren.

it's these kind of stories that remind me how lucky I was that my amyloidosis was discovered early and although it's been quite the battle, right now I am not managing too badly considering..with all the progress with this disease I can hope there will be a cure in my lifetime.

Nice to hear about the twins hope all turns out well